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8 Step Goal Navigator Exercise

Saturday, March 09, 2024

With the new financial year just around the corner, I thought I should be sharing with you an exercise which I believe is one of the best ways to get clarity on how to achieve your goals.

I call this: Goal Navigator Exercise.

But before I share the exercise, I have to tell you that I use it to first set long-term goals which I want to achieve in the next 3 years and then later break it down into yearly goals.

Example Goal: 100 Crore revenue by 2026 with 20 Crore Net Profit.

Let me give you a perspective on why I first set a 3-year goal and later break it down into annual goals.

"If what we are now is a result of our past actions, then what we want to be in the future can be attained by our present actions."

Read it again.

In short, our future is a result of our current present actions.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is: "What present actions do I need to do or change to attain the future results I want?"

Hence setting a 3-year goal helps me change my present actions and get me out of daily routine to set new verticals in my business that are in line with my future desired outcome.

With this perspective, I want you to do this Goal Navigator Exercise.


There are 8 steps to it:

Step 1: If you can achieve any goal, what is your real goal?

Example: 100 Crore revenue by 2026 with 20 Crore Net Profit.

Step 2: What are the activities that give you a sense of purpose to achieve this goal?

Example: Creating new category products and services, Exploring new untapped markets, Advertising, Selling, Building Leadership Team, Problem-solving.

Step 3: What do you need to change to achieve the goal?


1. Mindset: Quit "Comfort" and be used to "Discomfort". Go from "Freedom of Time" to "Exploring your potential and capabilities".

2. Delegate current operational responsibilities to the next in line leaders of the organization.

3.Explore brand new markets having troubled pains with no real solutions.

Step 4: What is the price you're willing to pay to achieve this goal?

(Something cannot be born from nothing. To get something, you have to give something.)


1. Travelling more to explore - (meaning: spending a little less time with family and friends.)

2. Incorporating a beginner's mindset and willing to do from scratch and being okay even with doing the labor work.

3. Letting go of fears and doubts and letting go of the comfort zone.

Step 5: What is the one action that you need to do immediately to propel faster towards your goal?


1. Deploy new products (Which is the exact product?) for the market (which exact market?) and start marketing and selling them asap.

2. Open new sales office at ( _____ ) location and at ( _____ ) location and expand.

3. Acquire a company who is into ( _____ ) business and scale it.

4. New licensing agreement to integrate an existing patent of someone else into your product or service. (Ex: ChatGPT with Microsoft)

Step 6: Is your current responsibility/current situation limiting you from doing the one immediate action?

Answer: (Yes/No/Somewhat)

If Yes/Somewhat then:

Define the limitation:

Ex: Stuck in day-to-day business operational activity.

If No skip all the following steps.

Step 7: What do you have to do to remove the limit?

Ex: Train/Hire Next in line leaders and delete your operational activity so that they can decide by themselves to achieve the objective.

Step 8: By when can you remove this limit?

Set a deadline.

Example: By August 2024.

There you have it....

You now know...
What is your goal?
What is limiting you?
What is the one thing to act?
What changes you need to incorporate?
What activities give you a sense of purpose?
Take out time now and do the exercise.

You'll be blown away with the clarity you'll get post doing this exercise.

​Once you have set your growth goals.

​The next focus can be how to get as many customers and sales as you can possibly handle while taking profits through the roof.

Hi, I Am Avinash Kunchurkar

Founder of WorkNitro

Started my Career as a "Sales Engineer" roaming in Industrial areas in Bangalore on a Two Wheeler meeting and getting new customers.

And now, an Author of a Amazon's Bestseller book titled: A Salesperson's Honeymoon, A business owner having Two Distribution Businesses, A Service Business and an impending Manufacturing Business and A Business Growth Coach having trained more than 10,000 people.

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