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Opportunity comes from People

Monday, March 11, 2024


"The most important resource for any business."

And I say this

People = Opportunity.


Many a times, opportunity comes through people.


Connect with the right person in a high potential customer, he will be the catalyst to help you win more business. Your Business grows.

Make the right person, your business partner, the business might grow multiple folds.

Marry the right person, your life will be even more worth to live for.

Hire the right salespeople, your business might quadruple.

And hence the saying - opportunity comes through people.


Whenever you feel stuck

Whenever you want to attain a certain goal or opportunity.

Just ask yourself this question.

Who do I need to connect with, in order to get access to the opportunity?

​Put in the effort, connect with the people, and get the leverage.

Hi, I Am Avinash Kunchurkar

Founder of WorkNitro

Started my Career as a "Sales Engineer" roaming in Industrial areas in Bangalore on a Two Wheeler meeting and getting new customers.

And now, an Author of a Amazon's Bestseller book titled: A Salesperson's Honeymoon, A business owner having Two Distribution Businesses, A Service Business and an impending Manufacturing Business and A Business Growth Coach having trained more than 10,000 people.

​I believe that the current education system doesn't breed entrepreneurs and hence on a journey as a Business Growth Coach to help business owners transform their business from "being stuck" to a "Growth" driven business.