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Obstacles of the Mind

Monday, March 11, 2024

We often face countless obstacles in our path, but none of them will be as big as you create for yourself.

Self-sabotage is when people do (or don't do) things that block their success or prevent them from accomplishing their goals.

Self-Sabotage occurs when the conscious, logical mind
(Eat Healthily, Stop smoking, Save and Invest Money, Follow up with the customer, Expand your business etc.)

Is…At a tug of war with the subconscious mind (Eat tasty, Smoke to get stress relief, have fun in life we don't know how long we will live, be happy with your current business, binge-watch Netflix, etc.)

In this situation, the subconscious mind seems to hold you back and sabotage your efforts.

Self-sabotage keeps you away from what you desire most in life.

Many of us are engaged in self-destructive behaviours that have become habits.

Often, these self-destructive habits are rooted in our feelings of self-worth.

You don't feel like you deserve to be successful.

You're plagued with feelings of inadequacy, even when you're trying to overcompensate by setting high goals for yourself.

We allow these behaviours to continually undermine our success and happiness

We want something, but somehow we never accomplish it.


Because somewhere deep in our subconscious, we're fighting against that goal.

Fear is often at the root of what holds us back.

We fear that our inner critical voice is right.

We start to worry that we don't deserve happiness, aren't tough enough or simply don't have it in us.

So how do we get out of this?

Start consciously noting our negative thoughts and words and start actively replacing them with positive, encouraging thoughts.

The idea is once you observe the negative areas, you can effectively counter them by not choosing to self-sabotage behaviour.

Changing our negative behaviours is fundamental if we are to stop sabotaging ourselves.

Once you've identified the changes you want to make, pick just one thing that you want to work on.

Focus on tiny things, tiny habits that trigger self-sabotaging behaviour.

If you're disorganised or constantly getting off track from what you should be doing, take five minutes every morning to tidy your desk and write a to-do list.(try tweek.so)

If you're missing deadlines, sit down and come up with a reasonable timeline to get your project done. Then take steps to meet those goals so you accomplish your objectives.

Start focusing on your vision.

You need to have a vision of how you actually want to see things you want to change or you want them to be.

And here's the thing.

Don't tell your vision what your problems are; tell your problem what your vision is.

​"You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them." -- Michael Jordan

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