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1 in 60 Rule applied for Business

Monday, March 11, 2024

n aviation, there is a concept called called the 1-in-60 Rule.

Meaning: For every 1 degree error while heading, plane misses its target by 1 km for every 60 km flown.

Imagine if there is 5 degree error while heading and it is flying for 3000 kms?

It will mess everything up.

This tells us the need for quick course correction and calibration.

What if you're business has a 5 degree error heading every day?

How do we ensure quick course correction and calibration in business?

Here's how I do it.

I have a compulsory check every month in my business on 5 things.

1. Cash Flow
2. Profits
3. Sales - Current Trend, Pipeline, sales activity and New growth avenues.
4. Investments and Expenses. - New Investments needed in Business to drive sales growth (Team, Infrastructure, Offices, etc) and Expense Management.
5. Preventive Maintenance (Machine Maintenance data, Inventory levels and Inventory Inflow & Outflow, Training my team, Upskilling etc)

In short I call this "Business Health Checkup"

Because I know, just like the aviation 1-in-60 rule. Small miss now can cause very large miss later.

So focus on:

Reflection - Understand what's exactly happening in your business.
Assessment - Look deeper at what your reflection data tells you and understand where you need to focus and improve.
Calibration - Make the changes to improving those areas which needs to be taken care of. - You have to make those 1 Degree Adjustments.

Will you start focusing on 1 degree correction in your business?

Hi, I Am Avinash Kunchurkar

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And now, an Author of a Amazon's Bestseller book titled: A Salesperson's Honeymoon, A business owner having Two Distribution Businesses, A Service Business and an impending Manufacturing Business and A Business Growth Coach having trained more than 10,000 people.

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